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Ergogross Elevating Workstation
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Rectangle Overall Dimensions: 77.25 H (196cm) x 72 W (182cm) x 37.75 (95.8cm) Deep
Rectangle Lowest Position  (Top of work surface) 31.25" (79.3cm)
Rectangle Highest Position (Top of work surface) 43.25" (109.6cm)

Rectangle Ergo Friendly: Full range up/down elevating easily allows the user to adapt station to his/or her needs. Sit or stand with a desk chair or a laboratory stool. The deep knee space allows for comfortable sitting and standing positions. The elevating system also allows the user to adapt to his/her comfort range. All rounded edges where wrists rest allows for a more comfortable grossing environment.
Rectangle Universal Style Station. Can easily change from a right hand unit to a left hand unit within minutes. No tools required.
Rectangle Grid Plates: Dimensions: 20.5 (52cm) x 22.5 (55cm) x 1" Deep
SELECT GRID PLATE STYLES - Option 1 or Option 2
OPTION 1- (1) One Perforated Grid Plate (1) One Sink Grid Plate (1) One Perforated Grid Plate with Inset Blue Cutting Board
OPTION 2- (1) One Solid Stainless Steel Plate, (1) One Sink Grid Plate, (1) One Solid Stainless Steel Grid Plate with Inset Blue Cutting Board.
Rectangle Sink: Dimensions 18-1/2" (46cm) x 18 (45cm) x 4 (10cm) deep
Rectangle Aluminum Track: (2ea) Two mounting positions for use with camera/video.
Rectangle Inch/CM Ruler: Each grid plate has a built in scale with a tapered edge allowing for easy reading and photos.
Rectangle FAS Fresh Air System: Provides fresh supply air on leading edge across the cutting area creating an air sheet allowing for complete fume evacuation.
Rectangle Side Draft Air Deflector Panels: High glass side air deflector panels that help eliminate cross drafts from pushing fumes into the user and room. The side air deflectors are movable and slide within the support mullions.
Rectangle Pre-Filter: (1) One Merv type
Rectangle Organizer Bins: (1) large and (1) small bin. Stainless Steel Construction.
Rectangle LED Lighting: High efficiency lighting of the grossing work area providing the highest color rendering index, low electrical consumption and safe no UV lighting exposure. Green friendly.
Rectangle Dual H/C Water Fixture Spray Hose: (2ea) The water fixture is touch control. Once the water temperature is adjusted, grasping of the fixture is no longer necessary. Simple slight touch of your hand or wrist will turn the water on/off. The fixture includes a built in spray head with retractable hose for either soft spray or aerated water flow .Two each provided, one on each side of the grossing station.
Rectangle Built In Table Flush System: Integrally built in work surface flush system. The flush system provides a continuous flow of water over the sink area where the grid plates are elevated above, eliminating the accumulation of debris.
Rectangle Magnetic Instrument Bar: 12" (30cm) Long x 1-1/2" (3cm) Wide
Rectangle Paper Towel Holder: The towel holder is designed to support roll and C-Fold style towels.
Rectangle Adjustable Storage Shelving: (4) Four 14"(35cm) storage shelves provided with adjustable mounting brackets.
Rectangle Ventilated Trash Container: Trash container is slf contained under the working surface and can be easily moved from the right side to the left side in minutes. No tools required.
Rectangle Electrical Receptacles: (2ea) Two GFCI type duplex electrical receptacles provided on the upper canopy for easy and convenient access to connect electrical peripheral.
Rectangle Communication Port: (2ea) Two Ethernet receptacles allow for connection to in-house network. (Requires facility network tie-in) located on upper canopy.
Rectangle Communication Wire Chase: (2ea) Two Conduit organizes network cables. Located on upper canopy.
See catalog pages 146 through 151 for further details
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