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Dissection Table with Drawers
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Rectangle Table Top: Designed with a 2" marine edge. Table top has a 1-1/2" slope toward
drain hole. Also featured is fully welded construction with heavy-duty undercarriage subframe.
Rectangle Undercarriage Sub-Frame: Angle type design with full perimeter construction and full
structural type welding. Material is 11 gauge stainless steel.
Rectangle Frame: The frame is constructed with four upright legs, two cross leg support tubes and
two lateral support tubes.
Rectangle Casters: 5" diameter casters are provided with heavy-duty wheels and all swivel type
casters. Complete with swivel lock and/or wheel brake.
Rectangle Maximum load capacity of 200 lbs.
Rectangle Drawers: Three 15" L x 20" x 5" D stainless steel drawers. Drawer pulls top and bottom.
90° pull allows for easy access.
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