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Dissection Cart with Removable Tray
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Rectangle Cart Frame Material: 1-1/2" heavy gauge stainless steel tubing.
Rectangle Cart Frame Top: 2"x 1" heavy gauge stainless steel tubing.
Rectangle Tray Roller Wheels: 2" diameter polypropylene roller wheel assembly. Each wheel assembly includes oilite bushings and washers providing an almost effortless motion of loading and unloading of the tray.
Rectangle Caster: The HA300 Total Lock wheel locking system makes it easy to securely lock the wheels in place for cadaver transfer. Lock one wheel in parallel alignment for easy steering through crowded halls and elevators.
Rectangle Shelf: Constructed of 18 gauge stainless steel
Rectangle Carboy: 2-1/2 gallon square carboy container
Rectangle JC101: Stainless steel construction. 27" Wide x 77" Long. Two (2) hand Slots on each end. Once tray is on the HA300 Cart, latch secures body tray from back sliding.
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