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Mortuary Refrigerator with Four Doors
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Rectangle Dimensions: 3860mm W x 2360mm D x 2360mm H
Rectangle (4-Each) Door x (4-Tier) Mortuary Refrigerator.
Rectangle Panel Insulation: 80mm high density polyurethane which is HCFC free.
Rectangle Modular panel design for easy assembly complete with foamed in place double action camlock assembly creating perfect seals with no screws or panel cover strips.
Rectangle Material Finish (Interior Floor): Manufactured with grey plastic coated steel with radial internal corners.
Rectangle Material Finish (Interior Balance & Exterior): Manufactured with white plastic coated steel with radial internal corners. Skirting board provided on exterior face of floor panel provided in stainless steel for durability.
Rectangle Floor: Reinforced to support load conditions of mortuary rack.
Rectangle Door: Manufactured with like materials of interior and exterior. Door openings constructed with anti condensation heaters and replaceable gasketing. Half kick panel provided on door exterior manufactured of stainless steel. Lockable handles provided for security.
Rectangle Pressure Relief Valve fitted eliminating door blowing.
Rectangle Design: 43 degrees centigrade ambient and will maintain temperatures in most environments.
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