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Elevating Wall Mounted Autopsy Sink - Center Approach
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Rectangle Dimensions: 114" (289.5cm) L x 31-1/2" (80cm) W x 58- 1/2" (148.5cm) H to 66-1/2 (168.9cm) to work surface. 31-1/2" (80cm) to 43-1/2" (109.2cm) to top of worksurface.
Rectangle Stainless steel construction.
Rectangle Center sink approach
Rectangle Heavy duty elevating frame structure with dual synchronized actuators and push button controls.
Rectangle Hydro aspirator with reversing flow valve. Includes hose hanger and 8' (342.8cm) of clear PVC tubing.
Rectangle Two (2) cold water body rinse valve with vacuum breaker and serrated hose fitting. With hose hanger and 8' (342.8cm) of clear PVC tubing.
Rectangle Two (2) Hot and cold water fixture with wrist blade handles, 8" (20.3cm) swing spout with vacuum breaker.
Rectangle Four (4) interchangeable removable grid plates stainless steel construction with 1/2" (1.2cm) recess and 3/8" (.95cm) diameter holes on 2" (5cm) square centers.
Rectangle Two electrical outlets with waterproof cover
Rectangle Two instrument drawers with recessed handle and drop in removable pan.
Rectangle Two hand spray rinse. Heavy duty brass chrome plated hand piece. Durable 8' (243.8cm) long flexible hose. Hose hanger and "J" hook to hang hand piece. Concealed pressure control/shut off.
Rectangle Includes cart latch which is compatible with DA000 & DB000 cart chassis only. Other Mopec carts can be used by locking casters.
Rectangle All plumbing and electrical work accomplished at factory. Only trake hook up required.
Rectangle See catalog page 209 for further details.
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