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Necropsy Pedestal Table - (Model 8)
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Video OC900 Ventilation
Rectangle Dimensions: 60" (152.4cm) Long x 30" (76.2cm) Wide x 37" (93.9cm) High
Rectangle All Stainless Steel Construction
Rectangle Large Sink Well (12" (30.4cm) x 20" (50.8cm) x 12" (30.4cm) Deep)
Rectangle Down Draft Ventilation System.
Rectangle Swing Sout Faucet with vacuum breaker and single hot/cold lever.
Rectangle Hand spray rinse
Rectangle Table rinse (10 nozzles)
Rectangle 3 ea. Recessed Grid Plates with 3/8" (.95cm) diameter holes
on 2"(5cm) centers.
Rectangle Hydro Aspirator with control valve, vacuum breaker and tubing.
Rectangle 2 ea. Electric Receptacles.
Rectangle 2 ea. Access panels
Rectangle All plumbing and electrical work accomplished at
factory. Only trade connections required.
Rectangle See Catalog Pages 402-403 for further details
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