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Video CE800 Ventilation
Rectangle Dimensions: 40" (101.6cm) x 39" (99cm) x 36" (91.44cm) High
Rectangle All stainless steel, type 304, with a #4B satin finish.
Rectangle Aspirator collection device consists of two 4-liter heavy duty polypropylene bottles. The bottles are constructed for heavy vacuum application. An airtight leak-proof seal is assured with the TPE gasket. Bottles are autoclavable and chemical resistant. Bottles are mounted on a stainless steel carriage with a quick disconnect bracket designed to be mounted anywhere on the workstation. Ten feet of aspirator hose is provided with hose caddy.
Rectangle Swing spout faucet provided single lever handle Hot/Cold mixing valve. Fixture fabricated of brass with heavy chrome plated finish.
Rectangle Chemical resistant CPVC gooseneck fixtures with teflon seals and needle valve for controlled & accurate fluid dispensing. Fixtures capable of withstanding the environment of formalin and saline. Two decked mounted fixtures are required completely piped and ready for use.
Rectangle Hydro aspirator located on the left side of the table near sink basin. The aspirator is designed with a quick disconnect so that uninterrupted collection of fluid can occur or the fluid can be rerouted for disposal into the sink. The aspirator is provided with a 1/4 turn control valve for vacuum adjustment and reversing valve to help clear the aspirator of any foreign matter. The aspirator is designed to drain into the sink and is completely plumbed with control valve and tubing. The fixture is fabricated of brass with a heavy chrome plated finish.
Rectangle The workstation will be ventilated with a specially designed wash down ventilation grill. Ventilation is routed through the base of the unit and into the in-house ventilation
Rectangle All internal plumbing and electrical lines are factory installed and requires only trade hook-up.
Rectangle See catalog page 262 for further details.
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