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Embalming Sink - Left
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Dimensions: 84" (213.7cm) Long x 29" (73.7cm) Wide
Rectangle Stainless Steel Embalming Sink with Left Approach Large Sink 12" (30.5cm) long x 12" (30.5cm) wide x 9" (22.9cm) deep
Rectangle Hot/Cold Sink Spray Assembly with High Pressure Hose
Rectangle Vacuum Braker Hydro Aspirator
Rectangle Two (2) Removable Stainless Steel Perforated Grid Plates
Rectangle Built-in Sponge Bowl-Stainless Steel Drawers with Drip Rail Handle
Rectangle Quick Disconnect Air Ventilation Chambers- Removable Top Shelf
Rectangle Two (2) Electrical Receptacles
Rectangle Backsplash mounted Safety Eye Wash with built-in vacuum breaker and retractable coiled hose and chrome plated hanger hose
Rectangle Body Rinse consists of cold water valve, serrated hose fitting, vacuum breaker and 8" (20.3Ccm) clear tubing
Rectangle All plumbing and electrical work accomplished at factory. Only trade hook-up required- Rectangle
Rectangle See catalog page 238 for further details.
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